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Writing Journal

29 May
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I created this so I can have once place to store all my various creative ramblings...since things tend to get lost on my computer. These may include anthing from fanfics to original pieces, and other such stuff.

Anything posted here is welcome to critique and comments. Basically, this journal is to force me to do more free-writing, as well as to get feedback on what I write. However, I may not make all entries public, if it's something that's more personal to me, especially dealing with ideas I'd like to someday publish. Obviously I don't want those circulating the net before I even finish them, since there's always the danger of ideas being picked up by other people.

As a general rule, anything having to do with plan-to-be-published ideas will be locked in some manner. And excerpts or plot-ponderings for such works-in-progress will most likely be locked as private entires, since I preffer to keep most of my actual writing to myself until the whole thing is done. However, I will allow things like random "character journal" type writings, scenes not in the story, some plot-pondering, and other such things to be locked as friends-only.

My policy on adding friends is simple. If I add you, it means I'm giving you access to read the things I don't want spreading aorund the general public (mostly for fear of idea theft). Just because you're my friend, doesn't mean I'll add you, and just because I don't add you, doesn't mean I don't like you. I don't tend to share a lot of my deeper brainstorming, especially on works-in-progress, with very many people. I'll only add people I know really well. If I don't know you at all, sorry, if I know you but not really well (and by really well, I mean I probably have had several in-depth conversations in the past and consider you one of my closer friends) then sorry again. I'm just paranoid about my works-in-progress, partially due to my fear of idea-theft, and partially due to my discomfort with things being read when I'm not done with the overall story. In short, do not ask to be added. I will check friends updates regularly, and if I feel you should be added, I will do so.

Lastly, If anyone actually likes something enough that they want to distribure it to other people, I ask that you please ask me first before posting the text anywhere else. You're welcome to send people to this journal without bothering to ask me though.

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Homepage - http://www.kalnar.co.nr
FanFiction.net Archive - http://www.fanfiction.net/~spiritwolf77
My Personal LJ - saitenyo
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